We are a constant testimony to the achievement of the purposes of the will of God in our Church. Today we share that special blessing with you.

Rev. Pedro E. Cubero








Rev. Pedro E. Cubero


Reverend Cubero has been the pastor of the Christian Church of Jamaica, Inc for ten years. Under his leadership our church has reached new heights. Thanks to his immeasurable effort, dedication and God given guidance, the church accomplishes many goals each year. Currently, our church reflects the many sleepless nights our pastor spends¬ scrutinizing the Holy Scriptures to have the Sunday sermons ready every week.

Rev. Cubero makes sure the leaders of the church are actively participating in conferences, retreats, and workshops. From this, they learn new leadership methods, as well as Gods vision for the church. One of his passions is to teach the Holy Scriptures to the congregation and its leaders. He believes every member of the church should understand our doctrine which was based on the divine given word of God and taught by our founding pastor Mamá Leo, who was his spiritual mentor. May God bless our pastor and mentor Rev. Cubero for teaching us the true gospel and the importance of sharing and preaching the truth to others so that they may learn of Gods miracles in todays world.

Rev. Sonia Warren


Rev. Warren is Pastor Cubero's right hand; her work as assistant pastor is very demanding and she has many responsibilities. Rev. Warren has developed her leadership skills in the Christian Church of Jamaica, Inc. She began her ministry as a teacher in Sunday school and as the church secretary to Rev. "Mama Leo” our founding pastor.

Rev. Warren tirelessly supports our Pastor by assisting him in all areas, as well as teaching the Holy Scriptures to the congregation.

Today, Rev. Warren has spread her ministry around the world by helping needy women by giving them Christian and secular counseling.

Ismael Urizar


Brother Ismael is a great help for Rev. Cubero. His main role is to lead all the deacons and ushers of the church. His responsibilities are to maintain order in services and ensure the safety of our temple and every member of the church. Brother Ismael is in charge of the Fasting Service which takes place in the pastors house every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. This service is a blessing for the whole church as many prayers have been answered, miracles received, and opportunities given to find oneself in the path of the Lord.

Juanita Perez


Sister Juanita is the churchs treasurer and also a member of the board. Her ministry is one of the most powerful gifts from God to the church, as she is a prophet.

Sister Juanita is in charge of the Missionary Service, through which many third world countries like Haiti, Panama, Cuba, Pakistan and others are being helped.

Elizabeth Ramos

Elder-Asst. Treasurer

Sister Elizabeth has been supportive of Rev. Cubero. She, Sister Juanita and Rev. Cubero all served as deacons in the church in the times of our founding pastor, Mama Leo. Sister Elizabeth is in charge of the Prayer Service held every Monday at 7:30 p.m.

Among her responsibilities are the missionary service and an international service she prepares with Sister Juanita Perez, which shows the different cultures among our congregation.

Celine Cubero


Sister Celine is the newest member of Rev. Cuberos team. After serving the Adult ministry as secretary for over two years, Sister Celine became the churchs secretary in the year 2010.

Celine has shown amazing organizational skills and we know that there are great things in store for her.