the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.

Mathew 11.7-12

The ICJ Youth Group

We welcome you to our church but mostly to our group. We are committed to worship the lord through our gifts. As the Holy Scriptures advises us, these are times where we must fight spiritually to keep running in the path of truth never looking back because we might crash.

Together we praised the Lord on our special monthly service, every third Friday of the month, we prepare something special as a group and bless the church members, here is where ideas come to life, and the opportunity to participate is open.

Just remember that we are running and is not who started first of who started last what matters is that everyone running gets to the goal. By participating in our services and group meetings you will get that spiritual help you need to keep on running.

Lets be violent to seek the truth, passionate about Christ and his salvation will tag along with positive thinking, strength and the overwhelming presence of his spirit will guide you.