Rev. Dr. Leoncia Rosado, also known as “Mama Leo,” (April 1912 - October 2006) arrived in New York in 1935. In her home country, Puerto Rico, She had a revelation in which God told her to go work in the southern Bronx. There she began preaching God’s word to a group of Hispanics that gathered in their homes. After a revelation, she and her husband Roberto Rousseau, founded a ministry to help the lost and needy find themselves in the path of the Lord. The group grew drastically, eventually becoming a powerful church encompassed by the Holy Spirit, where many miracles were witnessed.

She started Christian movements, founded churches, ministries, and councils, opened a religious institute, established a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program and founded the Damascus Christian Youth Crusade. This program became a state-wide model, and Mama Leo’s efforts demanded recognition for the many followers whose lives were transformed. She continued to preach and minister well into her 90’s. Suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, the Rev. Rosado–Rousseau entered a nursing home in 2005.

She founded and led the Iglesia Cristiana de Jamaica (Christian Church of Jamaica) in August 1972, and since her passing, the current Pastor Rev. Pedro E. Cubero has taken over her mission.

With the will of God and an optimistic future, the vision of the Church is aimed at continuing expanding to the rest of the world.