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Ever wonder what your true calling of God is? First we need to pray about it, then we need to follow what instructions we received when we prayed about our true calling as God's children!

First we need to make sure we are lined up with the Lord, and to do this, we must first repent of our sins. sure you are saved, and been forgiven. But in order to maintain our walk in God's light, we must repent for our sins, anything we may do, think, or say could enable a foot hold for the enemy, so we must ask for forgiveness each and everyday, before we get out of bed, we should do this and every night before we got to sleep. :)

After we repent, we need to pray and spend time with God and meditate on what we are given, spiritual gifts, prophecy, God's word, and the fellowship with Jesus! Through this meditation we will be given our true calling.

True callings that God has given us will vary from person to person. You may have similar one to someone else, but each calling is different, this is because each and everyone of us was created differently, we may be similar, but that's the point, we are all different, created to be unique, but the mind set of each Christian is to be the same goal: to bring the gospel around the world, so that all may have the opportunity to know Jesus, and be as Jesus is.

True callings: perhaps you were called to be a preacher, a teacher, (both similar but very different callings) perhaps you were called to be a counselor, or maybe a missionary, could be you were called to be a child care attendant in Sunday school. Maybe you were called to be a musician, or a playwrite, or perhaps you were called to be a prayer warrior, and many many other things. Yes all these are similar, with the same goal, to bring glory and honor to the Father God almighty, but at the same time they are different. Yes they are also things that maybe your careers, but they are still true callings of God.

How do you know you are doing your true calling? That is the easiest part, when you are doing your true calling, you will have such peace, enjoying what you do, and you will feel God with you when you are doing this. God will be with you as do what you are called to do, He will bless you along the way as well. You will feel the anointing of God over your calling, enabling you to do it beyond your best capabilities! Now that's a TRUE calling! Some callings are for only a season, some are for life. God will let you know,

Beware of using your true calling as a means of greed! If you take the anointing and use it to make money, gain popularity, or boast about your career, or calling, God will remove the anointing, and without it, you will be just like every other average person who does the job you are doing. You were chosen for a reason so do not abuse the calling, and God will continue to bless you in your calling!

After we finish doing for that day what God called you to do, we must always, ALWAYS (I can't stress it enough) ALWAYS stop and give thanks for the time we spent in God's anointing, presence, and His light. Giving the honor, glory and power to Him whom enabled you to do as you were called. Giving thanks is a way to show God you respect and love Him. Giving honor and glory also shows you are following the instruction Jesus taught and is teaching each and everyday as we walk in the fruit of the spirit! God loves us and will forgive you, but you must show that you truely Him back. (It's so easy to forget and slip away from the path of rightousiness and back into our old selves if we are not constantly watching where we step.)

I'd like to share with you a couple of the callings I have had. One was singing, I used to sing in church, but that was for a season, and I don't anymore. I have another calling I am currently doing. I am a prophetess who has been giving an anointing to counsel, and to help one another. basically speaking I am someone to talk to if you need prayer and possibly a word from God, depending on if I am the one who has your word.

In short, God will anoint you when you find your true calling. It's always been there waiting for you. and it may not be something that seems to conform to the truest meaning of our human lives, it maybe something God made just for you, because you are a good example, but it will bring forth the blessings God has for each of us. Let God take your hand and lead you to your anointing!

God bless you all,


Ps, if you know your true calling, I would love to hear them, if you are willing to share, but please pray about it first, sometimes God would prefer some callings to be left unsaid for a time, so He may bring forth further anointing. God bless